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TIRLI2002 iLithium-ion impact driver New Sale
TIRLI2002 iLithium-ion impact driver

EGP2,145.00 EGP2,165.00

TIDLI20012 Lithium-ion impact drill New
TIDLI20012 Lithium-ion impact drill

EGP1,520.00 EGP1,535.00

TDLI20012 Lithium-ion cordless drill New Sale
TDLI20012 Lithium-ion cordless drill

EGP1,215.00 EGP1,225.00

TDLI20011 Lithium-ion cordless drill Hot Sale
TDLI20011 Lithium-ion cordless drill

EGP840.00 EGP860.00

TBLI12152 Lithium-Ion battery pack New
TBLI12152 Lithium-Ion battery pack

EGP290.00 EGP300.00

TIRLI1201  (Lithium-Ion impact driver) New
TIRLI1201 (Lithium-Ion impact driver)

EGP1,075.00 EGP1,080.00

TIDLI1232     (Lithium-ion impact drill) New
TIDLI1232 (Lithium-ion impact drill)

EGP1,045.00 EGP1,100.00

TDLI12415   (Lithium-ion cordless drill) New
TDLI12415 (Lithium-ion cordless drill)

EGP485.00 EGP495.00